Got it Harold.

Thanks for the good word about the way I teach Bot 250. See you around.

Hope you finish your MS on time.

Ma’am Gie

SO THERE! MY SECOND SEMESTER COMMENCED JUST THIS MORNING AND SPELL VINDICATION! That sentence in bold letters though (from my professor) is a lot to take. I do hope I will finish this on time. By the grace of God, I will pray and work hard for it. There is no summer vacation however, because of my work. Oh well, I will find a way!

It’s been a while since I updated my blog. Hello! I am alive again! :))

There’s the light.

But you’d only be lonely if you wanted to be.

Months from now, I will age again. I felt the excitement of unravelling what the world is up for me or to better put it, what I am up to for the world to see. I have been grateful for every moment I shared with people I value in my life. For the family I’d been looking forward to see whenever I head North, I hope I could teleport. For the person who gave me a different meaning of awkward, I hope I could sleep every single day with you. For the friends who would join me in my endeavors, whether good or silly, I hope I could spend more time with you. For the test of my knowledge and character, I hope I’d wake up every day delighted to unite with you. For the goodness of every opportunity, I hope I’d shower myself with more courage and conviction.

With all these hopes, I feel worthy of each day I conquer. There are times that my patience is put into test but believe me, I am proud that those times come. I remember how good friends would break some of my hopes but I know they have reasons themselves.

Recently, I thought I could make a great deal of enthusiasm towards one of my “cool” friends. But I guess I was wrong, wronged for my intentions and all. I feel sad that I am clearly avoiding things that are intertwined between us. But I have to this for myself. It hurts when you’re being told what to do and not just enjoy the moment. Few people would understand me and I was instantly pinched for regarding you as one of them. Oh well, it’s not too long for me to figure it out. 

So I’d be happy because I know I deserve all of it. 

Anonymous asked:

where did you got your theme?? :)

Where did I get my theme? :) One of the free themes yan dito. Ang name ay OPTICA. Go to customize then just look for that. It comes in blue and green. :)

Fall in love with an activist because…

You could have the worst hair day of your life, he wouldn’t care…with his way of life, he’s had worse.

You won’t need to take her to a fancy restaurant, fine dining was never her thing…she would rather eat  with her hands in the company of farmers.

 You could shout at him all you want, he would just smile…he does it assert for your rights.

 She doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor. After all, she does understand class struggle.

You can be frank about him, in fact, he would like that very much.

Criticism and self-criticism are second nature to him. He always wants to improve himself.

She isn’t afraid to make the first move. Don’t worry she’s no bimbo. 

It’s just that she believes in the equality of sexes. And she’s knows that women hold half the sky. 

When you have a fight, it’s never all your fault. He knows that partly, he was to blame. Because he is a dialectical materialist.

 She’s never boring. As long as social injustice and inequality exists, you won’t run out of things to talk about.

She’s very good at sharing her life with someone. Maybe it has something to do with their practice of collective living.

Being articulate is a skill he has come to master. And he will have no trouble telling you how much he loves you.

P.S. There’s a catch. You should know that you’re not the only person who owns his heart. You share it with the poor, the sick, the hungry, and the opressed.

P.P.S. By the time you fall for an activist, give it a week or so, you’ll be an activist yourself. Because if you love and understand her, you would know it’s the right thing to do.